Newpool October Dividend: 51,839 EOS, Continued to Generate USD 2,002,418 in Revenue
    Newpool October data, the decentralized Staking mining pool with largest delegating amount in the world: The EOS pool dividend has reached 51,839 EOS (approx. USD 129,515). NDX buy-back worth of 1321.7762 EOS was completed in October. (Newpool uses 25% of monthly management fee for NDX buy-back each month).
    Since its launch in June 2019, Newpool has continued to generate 801,274 EOS for users in revenue, equivalent to approx. USD 2,002,418. Users only need to delegate the voting right to Newpool, the assets are still in the account, and they can enjoy the benefits of node voting and resource leasing from the blockchain. The charm of decentralized staking lies in asset security and gains.
    Newpool currently supports staking mining on EOS, TRON, BOS and IOST chains. The EOS mining pool has a mining volume of 24.04 million EOS currently, and the highest APR yesterday was 3.24%. The APR of TRON mining pool reached 7.52% yesterday. Come and experience it!
    Newpool September dividend, the world's largest decentralized staking mining pool with largest delegating amount: 48,094 EOS, approximately USD 128,487. In September, the NDX buy-back amount worth of 1,252.1287 EOS was completed (Newpool uses 25% of mining management fee every month to buy back NDX).Newpool currently supports staking mining on EOS, TRON, BOS and IOST chains. As long as you hold EOS/TRX/BOS/IOST, you don’t need to transfer token, and you only need to delegate the voting right to Newpool to earn profits. At present, the mining volume of EOS mining pool reached 22.16 million EOS, the highest APR yesterday was 3.30%, and APR of TRON mining pool reached 8.30% yesterday.Don't let the assets store in the Exchange, withdraw tokens to the wallet, and experience the Staking mining pool that generates millions of dollars in revenue for users every year, no coin transfer and flexibly exit!
    Sakeswap.financewillopen$MEFItokentradingandliquiditymining will open $MEFI token trading and liquidity mining at (UTC+8) 19:00 September 30.

    Create liquidity pools by MEFI-ETH and MEFI-SAKE and earn pool will giveaway traidng&mining rewards up to 250000$MEFI + 25000$SAKE. All users can add $MEFI liquidity and earn sweet rewards.

    Mine Now:
    MEET.ONE wallet releases the MEFI Swap Confirmation entrance today. Users need to check the swapped token amount and confirm it on the MEFI Publicity page. The entrance to claim $MEFI will be live on UTC+8 12:00 Sep.15th.

    How to confirm your MEFI amount?
    1. Open MEET.ONE wallet, select EOS/BNB/MEET.ONE chain and go [Discovery]. Tap the top banner "MEFI Publicity" and enter the disclosure page.
    2. Check the transferred $MEETONE quantity and the claimable $MEFI amount.
    3. After confirmation, click "Confirm".

    Publicity duration: Sep.11th - Sep.14th.
    If you don't confirm it before UTC+8 12:00 Sep.14th, the system will default the previously transferred quantity is right.
    BOX DAO Will Be Officially Launched at 07:00 (UTC) Today, and the First Governance Proposal Will Be
    According to the official website of Newdex (, the world’s leading Decentralized Exchange, the Defibox Foundation will launch BOX DAO (Defibox Decentralized Autonomous Community) at 07:00 (UTC) on August 12, 2020, to officially start the community governance. At the same time, the Defibox Foundation will initiate the first governance proposal and open voting to effectively implement the governance value of BOX token, promoting Defibox’s decentralized autonomy.
    Newpool July data, the largest decentralized Staking mining pool in the world: The EOS pool dividend has reached 51,309EOS (approx. USD 156,959), Compared with the dividend of 48,803 EOS in June, the EOS dividends increased by 5.13%. NDX buy-back worth of 1283.1912EOS was completed in July. (Newpool uses 25% of monthly management fee for NDX buy-back each month).

    DeFi consists of services such as decentralized staking, lending and synthetic asset. As a staking mining pool, Newpool currently supports decentralized mining on EOS, TRON, BOS and IOST chain. EOS mining volume has reached 21389700 EOS and TRON mining volume has reached 100 million TRX. There is no coin transfer, only delegate voting right to Newpool, and obtain voting revenue of blockchain nodes by on-chain staking. The platform follows the stake/unstake rules of each blockchain, and user’s assets are flexibly withdrawn.

    With zero asset risk, the decentralized staking mining brings more vitality to EOS DeFi. In the future, Newpool will bring mining services to ten blockchains, so stay tuned!
    04:44 recently announced their change of DICE mining, and completed the first DICE token buyback, a leading EOS gaming platform ( completed their first buyback today, buying a total of 5,238.5836 EOS. will continue their buyback plan monthly on Newdex ( The amount will be displayed on the Dice official website in real time. Additionally, the team is adding extra EOS for the buyback for the first three months!
    July: +5000 EOS
    August: +10,000 EOS
    September: +10,000 EOS

    Recently, just announced their change of DICE mining. DICE token will no longer be mined by playing games. Instead,0.01% of circulating DICE tokens will be issued to DICE stakers every day!With this change, the minimum APR for staking DICE will be 3.65%, without including payout from platform profit.
    New features are constantly being developed, including, more games, internal bancor integration, Defi integration, and more! is one of the best social gaming platform on EOS, with $1.5 billion historical volume. is dedicated to building the world’s leading social gaming platform, allowing users to experience a fair, open and borderless gaming experience.
    Newdex, the world’s leading Decentralized Exchange (, is conducting the sixty-eighth VIP exclusive airdrop with a total volume of 98,700 GEN! Don’t wait up! Join Newdex VIP to get exclusive airdrop now!

    The airdrop snapshot is due at 00:00:00 (UTC) on July 30, 2020 and will be completed on the same day.

    Newdex will list GEN/EOS trading pair on Newdex at 04:00 (UTC) on July 31, 2020 for the first time. GEN is the platform coin of the Genpool protocol. Genpool is a zero-barrier free trading platform that connects proxy with voters who want to support high-quality block producer (BP) and allows voters to receive a certain percentage of additional BP earnings as a reward.
    Affected by the opening of transaction mining by the EOS hot project Defis Network, the EOS ecosystem prospers again. The world's leading Decentralized Exchange Newdex’s trading volume ( hits a new high, with 24-hour trading volume approx. 200,000 EOS.

    A few days ago, Newdex set up "Newdex Seed" EOS DeFi Special Development Fund for EOS DeFi project incubation and developer support to promote the prosperity of EOS ecology. Defis Network is the first project invested by Newdex Seed.
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